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Animal Team Orientation

It takes a village to help rescued dogs and cats!  SPOT is hosting an Animal Team Orientation.  Join us to learn about the difference tasks SPOT undertakes to get a rescue through rehabilitation to relocation.  Most task are 30 minutes - an hour per week and can fit your lifestyle.  For more information, email us at


Date:  Tuesday, December 11th
Time:  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location:  Wharton Country Library, 1920 N. Fulton, Wharton, TX


“Wharton County Stray Pet Outreach Team” is a mouthful so we refer to our organization as “SPOT” or “Wharton County SPOT” in case we want folks to know what area we represent. SPOT is a support system for persons who choose to rescue dogs and cats in Wharton County. We provide life-saving avenues for these animals through rehabilitating and relocating them from our area of pet overpopulation to areas where they have fewer adoptable pets.

Thanks to the support of many people and businesses, since March 2008, SPOT has …

  • Rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed/relocated over 2,800 abandoned animals
  • Fixed more than 700 personal pets through our Spay and Neuter Program
  • Trapped, fixed and released/rehomed at least 100 community cats through our Barn Buddies Program
  • Shared about responsible pet ownership to hundreds of county residents

SPOT is a volunteer, foster-based organization; we are not animal control and do not have a facility. SPOT dogs and cats live in foster homes that provide a healthy and loving environment which prepares them to become life-long companions for their adoptive families. 

Be part of the SPOT Team today! Many opportunities are available through SPOT for persons who care about animals and want to help reduce the stray pet population of Wharton County. Individuals, youth organizations, civic clubs and church groups may consider volunteering or donating to SPOT. SPOT is non-profit organization; all donations are tax deductible.

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You can help Wharton County's Homeless dogs & cats when you SHOP!

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Our Mission

The mission of SPOT is to "Educate the public on the plight of abandoned pets, and to provide humane care, treatment and suitable homes for animals without owners."